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About Us is an online platform through which we are disrupting the way learners connect with mentors. On SkoolMentor, we offer two kinds of mentoring:

a. College Readiness Mentoring

b. Remote Research Program in STEM. (We recently introduced a program in Entrepreneurship as well.)

As part of the college readiness mentoring, high school students are able to connect with college student mentors on The college student mentors are closer in age to the high school students and therefore are able to “connect” better with them. Also, the college student mentors having recently been through high school and the college admissions journey are in a great position to advise high school students on how best to navigate high school and prepare for college.

We launched our Remote Research Program in STEM in the fall of 2019. As part of this program we connect high school and undergrad students to researchers (post docs or field experts) in the fields of cancer research, cardiovascular disease research and more. Students complete world class research projects in 8 weeks under the mentorship of the researchers – remotely. As a result of the ongoing pandemic, many high school and undergrad students had their summer in person STEM research programs cancelled. The future for in-person STEM research programs is still uncertain. However, through our Remote Research Program, students can still do world class research remotely. Check out our student experiences on the SkoolMentor Youtube channel here.

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