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About Us is a platform for High School Students to find and connect with mentors who are either college students or professionals in various industries. Since college students have recently gone through the college admissions journey themselves, they are in the best position to guide and advise High School students on the same. College students can provide guidance to High School students on which major to choose, what activities to pursue in High School to showcase their passion for that particular major, how to write winning essays, how to fill out college applications, how to manage finances once in college, and much more. The college mentors can also provide emotional support to High School students during this arduous journey. Knowing that a mentor is there to guide a student each step of the way is just as important for the student as is receiving actionable, practical advice.

High School Students can choose to be smart about college admissions and learn from others’ experiences. Through, they can now get personalized advice and guidance on college admissions at very affordable prices from outstanding college student mentors. Our mentors quickly become their mentee’s friends, helping them put their best foot forward on their applications and beyond. Because our college mentors specifically are close in age to their mentees, they are relatable and act as role models.

Our mentors agree that this is a service they would have absolutely participated in when they embarked on their own college admissions journeys a few years ago.

We have recently added support for Transfer candidates to find mentors.

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