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Accessibility in Education

Tara Patwardhan sheher

By Tara Patwardhan sheher27 Aug 2021

#Education is a #human right. To take away education from any #person, #able-bodied or not, is to take away the #opportunity for that person to gain the self confidence to be in charge of their own life #path and journey. The systemic #negligence of #disabled folks in academia is a topic that is not talked about nearly enough among able-bodied people. Because this #issue is so broad and has so much nuance, I want to focus on one aspect of this in particular: the problem with the premature transition back into in-person #university classes. #Remote classes should be kept as an option for disabled students. In the era of COVID, going to #class can potentially mean life or death for an #immunocompromised student. We have seen over this past year just how easy it is to make classes virtual and accessible to everyone. Why is it so hard to do so now? Why is it that universities are prioritizing profit over student lives? Making #reasonable #accommodations for students with disabilities isn’t just common human decency, it’s the law. We need to advocate for the disabled community by making it an #expectation that universities give the option of remote #learning. This post is not to demonize universities. I am writing this to bring awareness to a subject that we, as students, as a community, as a society, don’t necessarily think about if it doesn’t directly affect us or anyone in our circle. I am writing this in the hopes of a brighter future where reasonable #accommodations for our disabled community is no longer a luxury, but rather, a necessity.