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Back to School in the era of COVID

Tara Patwardhan sheher

By Tara Patwardhan sheher13 Aug 2021

This past year and a half (almost) has been nothing short of a whirlwind. With the coronavirus infiltrating its way into nearly every aspect of our daily lives, how can we make sure that students and parents are comfortable returning to the classroom? With the threat of the Delta variant and the fact that children under 12 cannot be vaccinated yet, it’s a completely reasonable concern to have regarding the safety of our society. Robin Gurwitch, a psychologist and psychiatry professor at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, states that we need to do our part in understanding the following: 1) Yes, people are tired of this pandemic. But the coronavirus hasn’t loosened its reigns yet. 2) Parents should be discussing this matter with their children. They should reiterate the fact that their children’s safety is the number one priority here: and universal mask mandating is a proven strategy for keeping the rate of COVID cases at bay. As far as tips go for going to school in the era of COVID, here are some to keep in mind: keep clean masks with you at all times, keep hand sanitizer on you, communicate with others about vaccination status, and social distance when possible.