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College Applications with COVID-19


By Vennela22 Mar 2021

As the #pandemic continues to impose restrictions on our daily lives, it also introduces a new collection of obstacles for #collegeapplicants. Shifts in recent semester grading means that many of the traditional components of an application are absent, and colleges are now modifying their standards. For instance, many schools around the nation no longer require standardized test scores, such as the #SAT and #ACT. Academic strengths are becoming increasingly difficult to convey since semester grades have converted to pass/fail. #Extracurriculars and other resources that may enhance a student's application are also on hold, leaving applicants with far less content to attach. As a result, #universities are encouraging #applicants to include whatever they see fit in their applications. This freedom enables individuals to express themselves in other fields, such as through interests or actions taken during the lockdown. It's fair to assume that admissions officers are more willing to engage with your character than your scores. How you spend your time during lockdown may be one way your character is evaluated. Colleges seek students who take initiative, follow through with their ideas, and use their time effectively. Since lockdown is still in effect in many areas, it would be wise to get a head start on the above if you haven't already. Ultimately, though the #college #admissionprocess is transforming due to the impact of the #coronavirus, it may offer new potential, especially for those with less-than-perfect academic performance.