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Demonstrated Interest


By Vennela22 Feb 2021

#Demonstratedinterest is what shows a #college how eager you are to attend their school. It’s what lets the school know whether they are your first, last, or any other choice. Expressing demonstrated interest can take minimal to zero cost, though has extremely high benefits. 16% of colleges consider demonstrated interest as having “considerable importance” in the #admissionsprocess, and another 24% of institutions rate it as “moderate importance.” When adding these two together, the percentage of schools who value attention from applications is 40%, higher than your admission based on the #collegeinterview (22%) or class rank (38%). The act of expressing demonstrated interest can be practiced well before applying for admission. In fact, showing devotion to a particular school for a longer period of time may have more rewards. Being active with your choice of school’s social media, staff, and campus may greatly increase your chances of admission. Demonstrated interest can be shown to colleges by completing an online request form, personally contacting your #admissionsofficer, and/or attending a formal admissions event (post pandemic). A unique way to show demonstrated interest to a college is by taking part in #researchprograms offered in your interested field. #SkoolMentor is an organization which can connect #highschool and #undergrad students to researchers in the fields of #cancer research, #businessanalytics, and more. The "#WhyThisCollege" essay is extremely valuable, and is an opportunity to write a love letter to your desired college. You can't forget the ultimate key to demonstrating interest—applying #earlydecision.