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Figuring Out Your Future


By 2233aes15 Oct 2020

#College. It’s a hefty word, full of so much meaning it could almost be its own sentence - almost. For most, the process is paralyzing to the mind, created from too much stress and too many mental breakdowns. It’s a process that dictates their students’ life choices for four plus years before it has even begun. Now what happens when you're that person, you know, the person who had those four plus years to prepare themselves for college and figure out what they wanted in life, and just, didn’t. As a #highschooler myself, I’ve seen many in this predicament. In my opinion, here are some helpful things to do if you have no idea what you want for your future. To apply to college you need to have your #major picked. Don’t worry about picking the right one - the average college student changes their major three times. A safe bet is to choose to major in business. #Business is an extremely broad field, with a wide spectrum of jobs to choose from. This major also allows countless different types of business classes to choose from. Most of your actual business courses will be taken during your junior and senior year. This gives you more time to figure out what you really want to do and get your general education classes out of the way. Another positive to choosing a business major if you have no goals for the future is that it has a lesser course load than other majors. The lower amount of course work a business major provides allows you time to find an #internship or a part-time job. This will help you gain experience and also help you find out what you like to do. Don’t worry if you hate the first internship or job you take on, find a different one and see what works for you. Overall, when you have no idea what you want in life, but you're constantly being pushed to figure it out fast, don’t panic. Follow these tips to help figure out what you want to do.