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By 2233aes29 Nov 2020

The word #gratitude is a hard word to say this year. 2020 has not been a great year for many, but it’s important to #reflect on the year’s victories, however small. This is especially true during the season of gratitude. For me personally, this year has been filled with many hardships, and I often let them outweigh the victories. My dad had lost his job due to the pandemic, there was a possibility my family was moving states away, I could not see anyone outside of the four walls of my home, and I had to put my passion for volleyball on the backburner. However, the best thing to happen to me this year came near the end of the year, when I was just hoping for a brighter 2021. This #opportunity was getting an internship with SkoolMentor. I worked in doing their social media remotely. The #internship with SkoolMentor might have been temporary, but it led me to a career I could see myself doing for a long time. I ended up reaching out to a local, at-home bakery that staffed with only the owner. She had just announced the bakery’s opening days before, and I asked if they needed a social media manager. The bakery soon blew up and it is crazy to think that I was there from the beginning. I can now say that I am half of an extremely successful business because of the opportunity #SkoolMentor presented me. This experience has reminded me to count my #blessings and know that through hardship, there is always something wonderful ahead.