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Motivation vs. Self-Discipline

Tara Patwardhan sheher

By Tara Patwardhan sheher10 Jun 2021

We’ve all been plagued with the feeling of being #unmotivated. When the feeling of not wanting to do anything, apathy, and sheer lack of interest in anything arises, how do we proceed? How do we make it through? The #answer is self-discipline. #Motivation is fleeting, but #self-discipline is a skill that can be built, nourished, and grown. According to Second Nature, a world leader in #behavioral sciences and change, it takes around 66 days to build an automatic habit. We need to start small. In order to truly make change in our lives, we need to build our habits in small, manageable steps. For example, if my goal was to read one book a month for a year, I would set a much more reasonable, manageable goal of 1 chapter a day before bed. This would, firstly, create the #building blocks that lead me towards my #ultimate goal, and secondly, create a timely habit in my head that would remind me to read every day at a certain time. You might be thinking: does anybody actually like being self disciplined? What does it do for them? It’s easy to think that the person who wakes up at 5am every day and goes mountain biking does it out of pure self-hatred. The truth is, if you ask them about it, they’ll tell you how much they actually love it. So it’s important to make self-discipline fun for yourself and make it a routine that you’ll look #forward to every morning. I am of the belief that everyone has it within them to be the best #version of themselves. Whether this means staying self-disciplined or even #understanding when to take a #break, only you will know what works best. Good luck, because it’s brutal out there.