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"Nature is Healing"

Tara Patwardhan sheher

By Tara Patwardhan sheher22 Apr 2021

Happy #EarthDay! Earth Day 2021 brings us an interesting perspective when it comes to eco-consciousness, as we were able to collectively see firsthand how our #planet was able to heal every so slightly during the months of (somewhat) strict lockdown in March, April, and May 2020. Though quickly made into a joke across social media platforms, the phrase “nature is healing” being thrown around last year gave us a glimpse into what our future could look like if we take action NOW. Firstly, air quality across the world greatly improved due to the enforcement of #lockdown measures in China, we saw an almost 50% decrease in levels of nitrogen and carbon dioxide. #Global increases in carbon emissions from the past ~150 years, starting with the #IndustrialRevolution, is directly linked to global warming and rising sea levels, events which greatly impact the habitability of #Earth for future generations to come. The current generation in positions of power across the world do not take the matter of #globalwarming seriously enough. It is up to future #generations to make a difference in terms of greener policy decisions, #advocacy, and #education in order to secure a livelihood for the future of this planet. Of course, on the flipside, we have seen a greater increase in trash #pollution from the coronavirus #pandemic. PPE such as “disposable” masks, gloves, and face shields added even more trash to the world’s estimated 269,000 tons of trash floating in the ocean. That doesn’t even include the amount of trash in landfills, which is an estimated 40.32 million tons of trash in California ALONE. All of this is to say that we can do better. We can advocate for change from our policy makers, work towards building a greener future with #clean, #renewable #energy sources, and in the meantime, we can all take strides towards living a more #eco-conscious lifestyle.