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ONF Summer Internship


By Malini.nair22 Feb 2020

This December SkoolMentor gave me the incredible opportunity to apply to a summer software engineering internship at the Open Networking Foundation, a notable network infrastructure non-profit located in the bay area. ONF is the umbrella company of a series of smaller network-related projects. They collaborate with companies like Comcast, T-mobile, and AT&T to bring us new networking technologies to improve everyday life. The ONF internship seemed like the ideal place for me to expand my computer science knowledge and work in a real-world scenario. I jumped to send in my resume, and two weeks later I received a call back from SkoolMentor letting me know I had passed the first interview stage. I was contacted by ONF for an online interview as well as a face to face meet up. During the online interview, I was asked about my previous projects and taught a little more about ONf and the internship. During the meetup, the ONF team was very welcome and appreciative of my unique abilities. Despite my predominately electrical engineering experience, ONF seemed excited to use my capabilities and mentor me in their company. I got an email around a week later welcoming me into the team. I was elated to hear that I was accepted and that I would be able to work with a team of passionate individuals who are on the frontlines of new technologies in the networking sector.