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The Relevance of Dr. King Jr.


By 2233aes18 Jan 2021

Martin Luther King Jr., an equal rights activist, was a prominent #figure in the #American Civil Rights Movement in the fight for #equality. He delivered his most well known speech, “I have a Dream'', just five years before he was assassinated. The third Monday of January was later deemed Martin Luther King Junior Day in remembrance of #Dr.King. Although Dr. King has been gone for 52 years, he still holds great relevance for #skoolmentor students today. He showed #highschool and #college students that they should fight for what they believe in and that they deserve to be considered equal no matter what. Dr. King was a black male in 1960’s segregated America, but even though he had so many factors fighting against his #success and his ability to create change, people are still remembering him and his accomplishments six decades later. This shows students today that they can #achieve success, and that these factors fighting against their ability to succeed are just obstacles in the road, not stop signs.