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By Mduong5 May 2019

School, regardless of what level you are at, is stressful. Every year, colleges up the ante on what a competitive student looks like and leave us scrambling to find ways to strengthen our applications. But once we’re in college, we’re still scrambling to keep up with the fast pace of classes while finding internships or lab positions to build our resumes. There’s always a push for us to do well and stand out, but at what cost? Mental health is rarely, if not ever, mentioned in school, yet it is a factor in how well we do. It’s important that as we get older and our workload gets more intense that we set aside time to care for ourselves. Self-care doesn’t have to be an elaborate sabbatical. It can be as simple as taking a walk at the park or watching a movie with your friends. Figure out what makes you happy and try to fit that into your everyday, or weekly, life. The point of self-care is that you are doing things that help you de-stress and relax. Built up stress is never healthy, and in today’s demand for competitive applicants for jobs, internships, and schools, it’s important that you are not overwhelmed and get burnt-out. Time management and studying skills are important to hone and bring to college with you, but knowing how to care for your mental health is also crucial in succeeding in college. It’s also crucial in succeeding all aspects of your life. School is important, but so is your mental health.