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SIP - Unique Summer Research Opportunity Through SkoolMentor

By 9 Oct 2019

I was thrilled when I got selected for the 2019 research program at Science Internship Program - SIP (one of the best Research Internship programs for high school students). For me, SIP was a life-changing opportunity. My research internship introduced me to Genomics, the field of computationally accelerating genome sequencing. Its applications, such as identifying what genes are mutated in cancer patients and recommending them the appropriate treatment, helped me understand that genomics has the power to radically alter the medical industry, leading to safer and more effective medicine. Through my work, I was able to understand the significant challenges involved in effective genome sequencing. My work involved using Python to build computer algorithms for a hardware accelerator that can drastically increase the speed and accuracy of genome sequencing. At the end of the program, my fellow intern and I presented our findings to our fellow interns and mentors from across the SIP Program, and UCSC staff. My UCSC SIP internship helped me understand the importance of computer science to our society. It inspired me to continue exploring its many facets during college through captivating classes and innovative research. During the eight-weeks of the SIP internship program, besides working on this fantastic research project, I also got an opportunity to build connections with my fabulous mentors, fellow interns, and many high-schoolers from the area. All SIP mentors were fantastic. They were eager and passionate about exposing the high-school youths to the world of science research by allowing them to contribute to their formal research project, educate them through additional educational seminars and talks or lunchtime chats. The very energetic SIP staff made sure that the interns also have a pleasant time at the beautiful USCS campus by organizing fun activities such as offsite at the beach boardwalk with other fellow interns. Overall, it was an intellectual, informative, fun-filled 8 weeks of my life at the SIP internship. I thank SkoolMentor for introducing me to this excellent Research Opportunity. SkoolMentor's wonderful mentors have provided me guidance throughout my high-school years for SATs, ACTs, high-school course selections, and excellent research opportunities to consider for summer. SkoolMentor lists various research opportunities on their site. I highly recommend students to use SkoolMentor service and also visit the SkoolMentor website & Facebook page for more information on these excellent opportunities!