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Skool Mentor as a Helpful Resource

Neeraja S

By Neeraja S28 Feb 2019

I first started using Skool Mentor right before ninth grade. I was very nervous about going to my new school, since it was a public school and I had gone to a private school for my entire life. I was worried about finding friends, maintaining good grades, and joining the correct extracurriculars. Luckily, I was able to connect with my mentor, Meghali, during the months before high school. She told me about her high school experience and answered the many questions I had about the social, academic, and extracurricular aspects of high school. She gave me valuable advice on how to manage my time in high school and how to keep my grades up. She also told me what to expect from different classes and clubs I was interested in. Additionally, Meghali also talked to me about how to find my passions and choose the proper extracurriculars based on these passions. Even after I started high school, Skool Mentor still proved to be a valuable resource for me. I was doing a research project in my STEM research class, and I was very confused about some of the more difficult concepts that I needed to learn for the project. Some of the topics in the project required a lot of deep research, which I was unsure how to do. Luckily, Meghali helped me with these topics. She answered many of questions and helped me through the process of choosing a project to do. She gave me useful databases which I then used to find research, and she also gave me important insight about what types of projects were more feasible. Once I had chosen a project, she answered all the random questions I would have about the project. For example, she helped me find out how to measure the strength of an antioxidant, something I was very confused on how to do. Additionally, she never gave me the answers; she simply gave me the resources I needed to figure them out myself. If you are a high school or middle school student, I definitely recommend Skool Mentor for you. It is a very valuable resource, and you can learn a lot about college and high school from it. All your questions about classes, college admissions, and everything else will be answered, and you will also be able to make a personal connection with your mentor. Don't hesitate to ask your mentor any questions that are not related to school, because they will be happy to answer them. Thanks to Skool Mentor, I have the resources I need to succeed, and I can get valuable advice about high school, college admissions process, and college itself.