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Skoolmentor Benefits

Jenny Ke

By Jenny Ke27 Jul 2018

Skool Mentor is a very easy to use and straightforward platform that allows high school students to connect with college students. The benefit of using Skoolmentor is that you are able to choose who you wish to chat with and as a result, this increases effectiveness as you are able to tailor the mentoring to your desired field of study and your desired college as well. The mentors on Skoolmentor include a wide range of schools and majors, so you have a lot of great options! From signing up to scheduling sessions with your mentor, the process is very smooth and easy. Communicating with your mentor is a simple process. Skool mentor’s notifications and reminders are helpful in making sure you don’t forget to set an appointment. Setting up a day and time for the session is also easy. Skoolmentor offers helpful resources, such as Mentor and mentee timelines, tracking, guides, and sample questions. The resources that SkoolMentor offers to mentors and mentees greatly assists them and helps them prepare better for the session. SkoolMentor’s mentors have a lot to offer, including advice and their own experiences. As a mentee, you get to learn about their own first-hand experiences with high school, college applications, and also college life, so you get a better understanding of the whole process.