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Standing Out on College Applications

Tara Patwardhan sheher

By Tara Patwardhan sheher10 Sep 2021

I am of the belief that every year, getting into top-ranked #colleges becomes harder and harder for high school students. The problem then becomes a case of #standing out on #college applications. But how can one do this? How can one go about putting their best self forward on their #applications? Here are 5 things you or your child can do to stand out: Show #Leadership. Leadership is an important quality that colleges love to see. Colleges want to know that a student will contribute to the well-being of the #university and will bring their skills to the college’s clubs and organizations. High school students can show this on applications through leadership #positions in #volunteer organizations/clubs, sports teams, and other extracurricular activities like ASB. Show #personality. If there is one thing that colleges know what to look out for, it’s someone who shows who they are through their extracurriculars and #essays. Admissions officers know when students participate in #extracurriculars just to have something to put on college apps - make sure that with every extracurricular, there is purpose and drive behind them. Participate in #research! There are many research programs available to high schoolers out there. #SkoolMentor offers exceptional remote research programs for students interested in Life Sciences, AI/ML, Biology, Neuroscience, and many other fields! These are #invaluable for students to gain #collaboration, research, time management, and study skills, along with lots more. Check out our #youtube page for testimonials from students who have participated in these programs! Taking an #active approach to your education will always be rewarded. The most #important tip? Be #yourself. Don’t try to be anyone else. Show the admissions officers how amazing you are!