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What's your why?

Tara Patwardhan sheher

By Tara Patwardhan sheher29 May 2021

Throughout my life, I have felt like I've been wandering aimlessly going through the motions of life. That is, until I found my "why". Why am I doing what I'm doing? Growing up, my parents always taught me the value of a good education, and the light it can bring into someone's life. Education has the ability to lift people out of hard situations. I know this because my mother has told me that if she hadn't received a quality education and performed to her best ability in grade school, she wouldn't be where she is today, living in the US. This put things into perspective, and most importantly, it reminded me of the immense privilege that I have living in the US, getting a college education. It gave me a chance to realize that not very many people have the ability to "do whatever they want". This is my why. I want to succeed in order to help out those who may not have been blessed with the opportunities that I have. What's your why?