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Is your Teen Video Game Obsessed? Help them Turn their Passion into a Career

Tara Patwardhan sheher

By Tara Patwardhan sheher31 Aug 2021

For many teenagers, #gaming is life. If your teen is obsessed with video games, why not help them turn their passion into a career? The #video #game #industry is growing and has a projected value of $200 billion by 2023. Plus, #software developers – including video game #developers – have a median annual salary of $110,140. Overall, there’s a lot of potential in the field. If you want to help your high schooler prepare for an #exciting #career in video game development, #SkoolMentor shares what you need to know. The Skills Video Game Developers Need Video game development is incredibly #technical, requiring a broad range of hard skills that ensure a professional can handle their responsibilities. Exactly which skills your high school student needs to acquire can vary depending on the role or the #employer. However, certain skills are broadly beneficial, making them solid starting points. Here is a list of some of the most in-demand hard skills for video game developers: ● Programming Languages (C#, C++, Python, GML, PHP, etc.) ● Game Engines (Unreal Engine, CryEngine, etc.) ● Software Development Methodologies (Agile, DevOps, Waterfall, etc.) ● Mobile Languages (Swift, Objective-C, Java, etc.) ● Animation Software (Unity, Maya, etc.) ● Web Languages (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc.) ● Testing / QA ● SQL ● GUI How to Acquire Must-Have Video Game Developer Skills Now that you understand what skills your teenager needs, it’s wise to explore how they can get those capabilities. There are a few viable paths, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. The classic approach is with a college degree. Many video game developers have a Bachelor’s or Master’s in video game development, #computer science, digital #animation, software engineering, or similar majors. Those options give them the right #foundational skills, allowing them to work in the video game industry or a related sector. Another option is a #bootcamp. Bootcamps are short, highly focused #educational programs that use a hands-on approach and real-world scenarios. They concentrate on practical skill-building related to a specific technical role, such as software development or coding, making them a reasonable alternative to a #college degree. Getting Their Foot in the Door In many cases, simply having a relevant degree or bootcamp certificate isn’t enough to hop straight into a video game developer role. The field can be competitive, so many professionals start their careers in different #entry-level opportunities. One excellent option is an internship either during college or after completing an educational program. Skoolmentor also offers high schoolers the opportunity to work with a mentor for hands-on training in new technologies. Learning is the main focus here. Your teen will acquire new skills in an actual work environment. Plus, they’ll build #relationships with other #professionals, opening doors that were closed before. Getting a job as a video game tester is another viable approach. It’s a great way to learn about QA processes and other critical aspects of the industry. Plus, part-time opportunities may be available, allowing your #teenager to start in the field while working on their degree. Fast-Tracking Their Video Game #Career If you want to help your teen fast-track their video game career, encouraging them to pursue an advanced degree online is an excellent option. Since most #online degree programs are very flexible, they can work in an entry-level role while furthering their education. For this option to work, it’s best to get a #Master’s degree in the right niche. There are online schools that offer Master’s degrees in game design and #development, game programming, computer animation, and similar fields. Plus, Master’s degrees in information technology #management, data analytics, or cybersecurity are widely available and could all be great choices, too. Written By: Micah Norris