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A Unique Service


By Sidhant.idgunji14 Apr 2017

As first generation immigrants, my parents and I were completely in the dark about how the American college system worked. It was a bitter struggle to grasp concepts like FAFSA, Common App essays, and FERPA waivers. Luckily, with the aid of my high school counselors, I found the schools and career fields that were best for me and set myself on the right path. SkoolMentor gives me a chance to take all that I’ve learned and help other high school students who are curious about the arduous college application process. What makes the SkoolMentor process so valuable is that us college student mentors can give our unique observations about the schools we go to. In addition, the college application process is fresher in our memories, so we have a better understanding on what mentees are going through. In my first mentoring session, I assisted a young sophomore from my hometown who is interested in the same subjects as me. I helped him figure out how to set himself up for success, not only grade-wise, but also in his extracurricular activities. I gave tips on how to build a profile that would appeal to certain colleges the most, and also gave him advice on how to handle life in high school during his coming years. If I had access to a service like SkoolMentor when I was in high school, I am sure I would have been able to prepare myself better for college and gain the most success from my time in high school. The invaluable information and insight that is provided by current college students is what sets SkoolMentor apart from other college counseling.
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