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Remote Research Opportunity under a molecular biologist from Yale

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Dear Mentees, Parents,
Seeing the tremendous success of our first remote research opportunity on cancer therapies under the mentorship of an esteemed researcher at the Wistar Institute (U Penn), SkoolMentor is happy to announce another remote research opportunity under the mentorship of an esteemed researcher at Yale. Please see the details below and PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR FAMILY/FRIENDS/COLLEAGUES WHO MAY BE INTERESTED.
Remote Research Opportunity under a molecular biologist at Yale (TB drug response and physiology)
This is a unique and rare opportunity to work under the mentorship of a researcher/molecular biologist who works on Tuberculosis research at Yale.
Tuberculosis (TB) remains a major global health challenge worldwide, causing more than a million deaths annually. Multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) is developed when Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the causative agent of TB, becomes resistant to the drugs used to cure the disease. One of the major goals of TB research is to find new drug that act against M. tuberculosis. Although several studies have identified candidate genes that play important role during TB infection and drug resistance, there is no method to identify the top hits. The advance in computational biology allows network-based analysis of M. tuberculosis to gain new insights into drug response and physiology. This project will focus on identifying the candidate genes that are associated with drug response.
The research will culminate with the student creating a poster (or a paper) which they can share on their LinkedIn profile and other forums.
This is an excellent opportunity for students who are curious, enjoy making/breaking things, and wish to learn what it takes to become a scientist. The research work will be driven by the students. This also a great opportunity to build relationships with esteemed researchers.
This opportunity spans 6 weeks. The researcher may be willing to work with the students longer if they demonstrate interest.
Please contact us at for pricing, dates asap if interested. There may be some flexibility in the dates.