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AI/ML Project for Cancer Prediction (Remote research)

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Remote Reasearch/Tutorial Opportunity: AI/ML Project for Cancer Prediction (10 weeks)
SkoolMentor has partnered with an AI/ML expert to offer this unique remote research project for our students.
Learn from our AI/ML expert the basics of AI, ML platforms and more.
Learn to develop and train a model for cancer prediction using public data sets.
The project culminates with a working AI model for cancer prediction and a poster that students can use to participate in science fairs based on their findings during this 10 week remote tutorial-cum-research opportunity.
This opportunity is great for students who want to discover or showcase their passion for computer science/engineering, data science, medicine, AI/ML, business analytics or anyone who is excited to learn something new.
Students who participate in such hard to find opportunities will have a better understanding of what is involved in the fields of AI/ML before joining the workplace for an internship/job.
Some experience in a programming language like Python or Java or any other language is required.
For pricing and other details contact