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(#508) Introduction to Aging Biology and Genetics

(#508) Introduction To Aging Biology And Genetics

(#507) Introduction to Aging Biology and Genetics

For driven high school/undergraduate students, SkoolMentor is offering a unique 8-week opportunity to conduct remote research in nanotechnology with a researcher affiliated with Department of Medicine at a Graduate school under a highly respected and a top-notch scientist in the World. The Mentor has extensive research experience in aging and cancer biology, translational research, molecular biology, nanotechnology, and targeted therapeutics research.

The topics of research could be studying the concept of why we age, model organism C. elegans, its basis, genetics biology associated as well as different tools and ethics to work in a lab using publicly available databases, how to deal with DNA, RNA, and proteins, RNAi, production of transgenes. Students will develop an understanding of how to design clever experiments, read research articles, ask prominent questions, and learn about the genetics associated behind many diseases and in the end, they will find this genetics topic very interesting.

The researcher has served as a mentor for high school and undergraduate students in India and has guided them for their university interviews and helped them in designing independent projects. She has published research articles, review papers, book chapters, presented posters, took part in international conferences, and has a research experience to work in three different countries. The mentor can assist students to create a poster/presentation to be presented at science fairs and scientific conferences.

This is an excellent opportunity for students who are curious, driven, want to contribute to patient-oriented research and wish to learn cutting-edge web-based tools for aging biology. Nonetheless if you are not sure about a specific area in science that would be most interesting to you and rather want to taste what a biology research in essence looks like, this program is for you!

Opportunities such as these are also a great way for students to showcase the passion for STEM and stand out in college applications.

The mentoring happens once a week for 8 weeks and is for 1 hour duration week>

The students need to put in about 5-6 hours per week on their own doing the research.

Limited seats available. The research will be driven by the students.

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