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Remote Research Mentoring

The students apply for the research programs they are interested in by emailing their cover letter and resume at The students have to make sure that they mention the program numbers they are interested in in their cover letter. SkoolMentor then arranges interviews with the researchers. For up to two interviews there is no fee. From the third interview onwards there is a fee of $25 per interview. After the interview if both the mentor and the student wish to move forward, then student’s family pays the program fee. SkoolMentor will then connect mentor and mentee over email and they can begin work on their project.

Most of our programs offer 1:1 mentoring. The mentor and mentee meet once a week on Skype or other online meeting platform at a mutually convenient date and time. At the end of eight weeks the students complete a poster or a presentation based on their research. Many of our students have showcased their research presentation at our own online symposiums, at science fairs, international conferences and other forums. Some have even published their research. SkoolMentor also publishes the project abstracts in our Yearbook.Check out our Remote Research Programs here.