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We'd like to highly recommend SkoolMentors for their expertise, encouragement, and resources. With their guidance, our son got the necessary help to understand college application process high school course selections. The mentors at SkoolMentor are indispensable! We found them very knowledgeable, patient and having the genuine interest in helping students to succeed in getting into their dream college. After working with several mentors, we feel that our son is much better prepared to take the SAT's and has the better plan for taking various AP level courses through the high school years. Since working with SkoolMentors, he has been enthusiastic about college and his future goals.

-- Parent of Saumil T

The idea of connecting college kids who have gone through the process pretty recently is very nice and a very useful one for people like me who are looking for proper guidance The good thing about the model is that it provides a way for high school kids to develop good relations with college kids and gain more visibility. The platform being provided is a very useful one for high school kids.

-- Parent of Neeraja S is a fantastic resource for all High School Students. I wish it was there when my older one was in High School. However we are glad we can leverage it for our younger daughter.My daughter connected with Preethi and found her extremely personable and knowledgeable. She could "connect" with Preethi right away. My daughter obtained valuable advice from her mentor that she plans for follow up on. She is in the robotics team at her High school and so her schedule is very very tight. For her to be able to get such critical advice/answers to her questions directly from someone who is in a field that she wants to pursue and that too in the limited time that she has available, is very valuable and we thank SkoolMentor for that.The SkoolMentor staff informed us about some possible internship opportunities that my daughter is following up on which has been great and beyond what we expected. We strongly recommend to all High School students and their parents so the High School students can get the valuable advice and guidance they need for college admissions just as we have. We plan to use their service again for my daughter.

-- Parent of Eesha D is a fantaaastic idea!!! I hope it becomes a big success. Talking to people that actually got into the colleges the aspirant is interested in (especially if they can talk to a few from that college) they would get a better idea of how to focus their own energies.

-- A Parent with kids already in college

We love the idea of SkoolMentors where students can take guidance from different mentors. Our son wants to pursue a career in political science(which I have a minimal idea of) and wanted to plan his high school/extracurriculars & summer accordingly. We love the idea that students can talk to different mentors who have done similar things & give them guidance/advice. After taking just one session, our son feels so excited & is more motivated for high school. Skool Mentor is a unique and wonderful idea! Wish All the Best & hope to see SkoolMentor grow!!
We would recommend this website and service to anyone who is looking to get more information and guidance for their children. Special thanks to Urvashi too for taking the time and effort to advice our son. I know that for a fact we will use this service in the years to come.

-- Parent of Mohul A

We absolutely love the idea of SkoolMentor. It's something that will be absolutely invaluable to the mentees and mentors in the long run. The mentees get their support system set up in high school- something extremely important for finding leads and getting the endless number of questions answered in a timely way and make those all important decisions. The mentors can give back to the community what they have learnt the hard way through years of hard work. By helping the younger ones thrive the mentors stand to strengthen life skills like maturity and leadership. A win-win for all!!
Our experience so far with mentoring has been nothing but positive and we hope to build long term mutually beneficial relationships.
Highly recommend it !

-- Parent of Kanav M

I am so glad to have found SkoolMentor for my daughter. It is a very helpful website and all of the mentors are wonderful people, who care about my daughter and genuinely want to help her. After talking to one mentor, my daughter already has a change in perspective about her dream college. This website is a wonderful idea and resource for high school students. Thank you SkoolMentor.

-- Parent of Ankitha G